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Safe UL2272 Certified 6.5" Hoverboard
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Every Hoverboard we sell is
UL2272 Certified Safe!

** Unlike 95% of all hoverboards sold by competitors, we only sell UL2272 certified!

Back in February 2016 the CSPC had issued a recall of over a million hoverboards sold in the USA due to fire hazards with the battery/charging system. The US governement then issued a ban on any hoverboard without UL2272 certification making it illegal to import or sell any hoverboard without this saftey certification.

Even though the majority of online retailer's have ignored these saftey regulations and use deceptive marketing and cheap prices to lure unsuspecting customers, all our hoverboards have earned the highest safety rating in the USA and passed the strict UL2272 certifiction process. This ensures our hoverboards are the safest and most trusted hoverboards on the market, as only a few select manufacters have been granted the authority to use the UL Hologram (as pictured to the right).

At BuyHoverboard.com you can be 100% certain you are buying the newest and Authentic UL2272 certified hoverboard available in the USA... Guaranteed!

Sale Price
$199.99 - $269
UL2272 Certified (Top Saftey Rating)
No UL2272 = Fire Hazard
Safe UL Certified Charger
Known to Overheat
Internal Temperature Control
Top Speed 8-10 MPH
6-8 MPH
Non-Slip Foot Pads
Free UPS Shipping
Safe UL Certified Battery
Cheap Chinese Brand
10-12 Mile Range
6-8 Miles per Charge
Wheel Diameter
220LB Weight Capacity
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An important note to parents
Although there are many copycat hoverboard models with a similar looking design, you should know the facts and understand all the features in order to make an informed decision before purchasing a hoverboard.

trusted by 9,000 customers!

We are proudly based in the USA and pride ourselves in both the quality, strict manufacturing specifications, and the UL2272 certification of every scooter we sell. Unlike the stories you probaly have seen on the news about hoverboards catching fire, these are the older non-UL2272 models that are still being sold by shady hoverboard retailers that give the entire industry a very bad reputation.

However, you can be rest assured that we ONLY sell the safest UL2272 certified hoverboard that have no saftey concerns and pose no electrical or fire-safety related risk....period! In fact, our hoverboards are one of thew fw that have been deemed safe by the US goverment and tested by UL labs ensuring you and your family the safest hoverboard experience.

  • We are the largest UL2272 retailer with over 9,000+ hoverboards sold!
  • FREE sameday shipping via UPS direct from our USA warehouse!
  • Dual 250-Watt motors offering more power & durability!
  • Most advanced control boards. Very important for stability and navigation — most learn how to ride in less than 5 minutes!

A hoverboard you can finally trust!
The next generation of electrical self-balancing hoverboard technology.

As we mentioned previously, our hoverboards are among the most popular and safest brands in the United States. We also offer the most advanced motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors providing the smoothest and most responsive ride, stronger outer-shell, plus a reinforced chassis for unmatched durability. Also has built in LED lights so you can ride more safely at night and be seen by others.

Even more impressive than a max speed of 8-10mph, is the ability to travel up to 12 miles on a single charge depending on terrain & body weight!



Hoverboard Technical Specifications

Product size 586 x 186 x 178mm
Product Weight ~10kg
Board to ground Height 30mm
Footboard height 110mm
Tire size 6.5"
Max load 120kg
Min load 20kg

Motor power 250W x 2
Range per charge up to 20km
Max speed 10mph
Battery type UL Certified 4400mAh Li-ion Cells
Voltage 36v  | 4.4ah
Charge voltage AC110v-240v  | 50-60Hz
Max upslope angle 15°
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