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We put safety & quality first. UL2272 Certified. Buy with confidence!

  • Bluetooth Sound System: Pair with your phone and play music directly!

  • High Speed CPU Inside/Ultra Fast Reaction Speed

  • Taotao High Performance Motherboard Inside/Single Control System

  • Super Stable/Best Riding Experience/Sheer Riding Pleasure

  • Genuine UL Certified Battery Inside/4400mAh/36V/15-20 KM Mileage 

  • Dual 250W Hanghong Motors

  • UL Certificated Charger/Charge Protection System


Over 9,000+ sold in USA!
UL2272 Certified
10" Hoverboard w/ Bluetooth Speaker
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Super fast charging time
only 90-120 minutes!
Safety is our #1 Priority
UL2272 Certified

Brand new 10" Hoverboard
UL2272 Certified Safe!

100% Performance Upgrade. 200% Reaction Speed Upgrade. Most Precise Control Ever!

Our new 10 Inch Hoverboard has a Bluetooth Sound System, which can connect to your iPhone/Android and you can play music directly from the Hoverboard.

Now offering the highest quality motherboard in the industry,offers increased performance, reduced power consumption, and improved platform reliability and system manageability. These new upgrades deliver outstanding performance, dependability,and precise output & control.

Our precision-built German motors allows you to find the perfect riding experience.No matter speed up,slow down or stop.Any action you want.These motors make everything much more smooth and effortless. 100% upgrade on performance compare other 10" models on market

After extensive research and development our hoverboards have now earned the highest safety rating in the USA after passing the strict UL2272 certifiction process. This ensures our hoverboards are the safest and most trusted hoverboards on the market, as only a few select manufacters have been granted the authority to use the UL Hologram (as pictured to the right).

Unlike many competitors online still trying to illegally sell their old inventory of non-UL2272 certified hoverboards, here at BuyHoverboard.com you can be 100% certain you are buying the newest and safest UL2272 certified hoverboard available in the USA... Guaranteed!



Highest Quality Control Boards

This is the brain of the scooter and controls the gyroscope, speed control, and receives the rpm and tilt information from the sensor inside the wheels. We don't use outdated parts, and only ship the latest generation control board.

Solid Steel Alloy Frame

Our solid steel frame has reinforcements to crtical areas for additional strength, unlike many of our namebrand competitors . It's engineered to support up to 250lbs and built to withstand years of daily use.

100% Compliant with U.S. Regulations

Our hoverboards have a UL-certificate with a genuine UL2272 hologram located on the bottom of the board, ensuring it meets and exceeds all saftey standards! UL2272 are the newest and safest hoverboards on the market, so even if you choose a different hoverboard please be careful and check for the UL mark.


Hoverboard Technical Specifications

Product size 586 x 186 x 178mm
Product Weight ~10kg
Board to ground Height 30mm
Footboard height 110mm
Tire size Inflatable 10"
Max load 120kg
Min load 20kg

Motor power 250W x 2
Range per charge up to 20km
Max speed 10mph
Battery type Genuine UL Certified Li-ion Cells
Voltage 36v  | 4.4ah
Charge voltage AC110v-240v  | 50-60Hz
Max upslope angle 15°
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